What Is The Chemsonic System?

The Chemsonic System consists of two proprietary products: The Chemsonic Catalyst® and SonicWave Clean. The Chemsonic Catalyst® is a synthetic catalyst solution which is added to your cooling system’s refrigerant to remove oil fouling. The SonicWave Clean installed on the refrigerant filter / drier reduces the oil sludge buildup on the filter screens which lowers the resistance to the flow of the refrigerant in the system. The Chemsonic System uses less energy, because the compressor runs less due to the system reaching the thermostat set-point temperature quicker and also reduces the energy required to circulate the refrigerant in the system. The reduced run time, along with the lower internal friction in the compressor allows the system to run cooler and quieter which extends the air conditioning system’s life. There are many applications including automotive, commercial, industrial and residential.

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