FAQ-The Catalyst®

1. How exactly are the cost savings realized?

The Catalyst® improves the heat transfer capability of your system. This enables the system to reach its thermostatic set point quicker and sustain the temperature longer. This results in a 30+% average reduction in the system runtimes, when installed with SonicWave.

2.  How will I be able to measure my energy savings?

According to numerous sources, HVAC represents 35-50% of your total energy consumption. A 30% reduction in A/C expenditures would result in an 10-15% reduction in the total energy bill.

Although this is a general guideline, the actual savings will be impacted by a number of factors including changes in energy rates and outside temperatures as well as modifications to your operations environment e.g. new equipment, construction, additional headcount, change in operating hours etc.

3.  What physical changes will our facilities experience?

The air coming out of the vents will be noticeably cooler. Typically 2°-6° degree lower vent temperatures are experienced within a few days after installation. In addition, the relative humidity is reduced by 12- 15% which contributes to a more comfortable indoor environment. Generally with these changes the thermostat can be raised 2-3° which also helps reduce the use of electricity.

4. Is using “additives” used to improve A/C efficiency new?

No. The first “additives” were introduced approximately 25 years ago. Although the concept had merit, these products contained corrosive ingredients such as chlorine, sulfur and wax that could irreparably damage systems.

Over the past years, The Catalyst® has taken this concept and advanced the technology by developing a synthetic catalyst technology that is made up of benign, non-toxic, non-corrosive ingredients to achieve the desired effects.

The ultimate differentiator between The Catalyst® and PROA’s is The Catalyst® performance history and track-record of successful installations and AEO’s warranty, backed by a $3,000,000 insurance policy.

5. Will installing The Catalyst® void my warranty?

Only in the event that your contract states specifically that “no additive or catalyst may be installed in the unit prior to the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty (typically 1-3 years)”. To provide an additional level of protection to the customer, the manufacturer of The Catalyst® provides an extensive warranty (up to five years) and a $3,000,000 insurance policy for any unit in which the technology is installed.

6.  If The Chemsonic system is so great why don’t the OEM’s support it?

There are two primary reasons – emanating from “conflict of interests”:

  • Typically 85% of OEM revenues are derived from repair parts and replacement unit sales and maintenance. The Catalyst® does not eliminate this income to the OEM– but it does delay these revenues.
  • Numerous studies have shown that “disruptive” technologies are universally viewed as a “threat” to incumbent players in any industry with the predictable response being to threaten, discredit or relegate – examples include the iPod, the Linux O/S and “alternative” medicine e.g. chiropractic, herbal remedies etc.

7.  How does the warranty work?

Upon installation of The Catalyst®, the model and serial number of your units are sent to our office for registration. In the event of a compressor failure – the following sequence of events occur:

First call your local HVAC maintenance contractor and have the defective compressor replaced.

  • Call us and ask for warranty assistance
  • Sample of the compressor oil is sent to lab for analysis
  • Compressor is removed and sent to post-mortem lab for analysis

If The Catalyst® is found to have been responsible for the system failure, the compressor will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the customer